How To Check And Test Gold

Jewelry, like all other golden things, has been very popular in our people since ancient times, and we do not have much to write about and do so. Lately, in the world, very popular investment gold, gold leverage,  domestic and foreign.

Gold jewelry is sometimes very difficult to recognize only on the basis of the trademark and other characteristics, it may sometimes be a complex process! Every piece of jewelry is made differently from the workshop to the workshop and therefore it is unique.

Before you get to know all the techniques of testing and checking gold, keep in mind that you can always check your jewelry with your famous colleagues from your area of the city.

But if you are free and have a lot of time after our little acquaintance with gold checking techniques, you will easily be able to master these skills.

Checking the gold with the sight of the sight (visual) and with the help of a magnifying glass

Considering that a large number of people are not a big connoisseur of gold and that they do not understand the recognition and determination of the quality of jewelry, it should be said that many things in the assessment of the same can be seen with the naked eye or with the help of a magnifying glass. We will direct you to the basic skills and tricks of gold checks, which will be your guide to make it easy to recognize whether your jewelry is golden and how you will determine its fineness (quality).

In jewelry, there is jewelry from 9th to 24th card. Gold of 9 cards contains a very low concentration of gold, and it is not classified by the goldsmith in serious gold jewelry.

So under golden jewelry, we mean jewelry from 10 carats to 21 carats. The jewelry bearing the mark (stamp-585) is the golden jewelry of 14 cards, the mark 750 denotes jewelry of 18 cards, the stamp of mark 833 denotes 20 cards and it is mainly tooth gold or ducats that are finely 22 cards and are marked with a stamp of 900. There are and duck which is fine 986 which is described more extensively on this link.

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