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Choose The Engagement Ring According To Her Character

By Tracy Washington / August 14, 2018

When the time comes for that day, every woman wants on her hand to wear a capillary ring that matches her tastes and character. Regardless of whether it was modern, classic, or old-fashioned, every one of them will surely find their gifts. But, do you know that every ring on a woman’s hand has its […]


How To Check And Test Gold

By Tracy Washington / August 1, 2018

Jewelry, like all other golden things, has been very popular in our people since ancient times, and we do not have much to write about and do so. Lately, in the world, very popular investment gold, gold leverage,  domestic and foreign. Gold jewelry is sometimes very difficult to recognize only on the basis of the […]


How To Clean Your Jewelry Yourself

By Tracy Washington / July 14, 2018

Jewelry and valuable objects of different materials staying at home can take patina, change color and become unrecognizable. Jewelry is in constant contact with the skin and accumulates dead skin and fat cells that can damage it and destroy its glow. When cleaning is to be considered, metal jewelry is made, so the best choice […]