Why are we different than others?

There are some things that make us different from the others:


Our staff is very kind and patient towards every customer. We're trying to help you and make you the jewelry you want.


We have the best prices in the surrounding area, and in addition, the possibility of payment at rates up to two years. In addition, we are focusing on the price you want to make jewelry.

Unique jewelry

Making unique jewelry of your choice. Our specialty is the feminine rings we make according to your desires.


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Engagement rings

We want to mark your moments when you say fatefully yes and that's why we are showing some unique models

Engagement ring, diamond, and white gold - Glamorous wedding ring. The model is made of white gold and decorated with a diamond in the central part, which is additionally enriched with diamonds on the side. The total weight of the diamonds is 0.36ct SI / G

custom engagement ring

Ring with diamonds - Quality ring with brilliants, from our collection, actually delivers a true message and value that will keep your beauty forever.

Tourmaline and pink gold - Made of pink gold and beautiful heart-shaped tourmalines, weight 1.00ct, which is sparkling with brilliant diamonds, total weight 0.11ct VS / G. Very gentle and romantic model, designed for princesses.

Why are we the best?

Why to chose us? The question to which everyone gives the same answer without any evidence. We have customers who can confirm to you how we do our job and how much effort to invest in every piece of jewelry that has been made to us. They are not just empty words because we know that the jewelry you bring for repair or jewelry that you choose for special occasions is very sentimental important.

What clients say about us...


Alicia Perez

I had a very big problem. I was a particular source and many goldsmiths refused me by telling me that it was impossible to get a ring I wanted. I almost quit until I came to this firm that made me the happiest woman making the fountain I wanted.


Tony G. Stacy

For years I have been looking for someone who can restore my powders that were still before the First World War. I was looking for a reliable goldsmith. I have come to these wonderful people who have managed and are very pleased with their work.